Anzalone Fence Company

About Us

Our purpose is to continue to be a leader in our industry, provide quality service to all our customers and a commitment of the highest standard.


We are proud members of the American Fence Association (AFA). The AFA is the oldest and largest Association serving the fence industry. AFA provides continuing education, promotes the highest level of ethics, product standards and professionalism. Joe Sallemi, Former President of AAA Inc. was an active supporter and volunteer of the AFA. Joe has served as President of the Garden State Chapter of AFA, and currently serving on the Board of Directors of AFA national. A Certified Fence Professional (CFP) must complete an AFA rigorous certification program that recognizes individuals that have demonstrated knowledge of product quality and installation techniques, to assure first class products for the consumer. A CFP must continue education requirements as well as industry service requirements to maintain this certification. AAA Inc. is proud to have 1 individuals with CFP status.


  • AFA Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer
  • AFA Certified Fence Professional
  • AFA Field Training School Graduates
  • Blue Ribbon from The American Fence Association
  • Department of Public Works Approved Contractor
  • N.J. Home Improvement Contractor License 13VH02863600

Our Company Leaders

John R. Sallemi CFP, President, Certified Gate Operator Installer, Field Training School Graduate. Supervisor/ Installer.

John W. Sallemi Sec, Certified Gate Operator Installer, Field Training School Graduate, Supervisor/ Installer.